Books turning up…..

Today is my daughter’s birthday.  And I seriously don’t know ANYONE who loves books more than she. So in honor of her I am writing about books.

I came across this great quote the other day. It had me pondering. ” Books are like people, in that they’ll turn up in your life when you need them most.” — Emma Thompson

I think there is a lot of truth to that.  Many times in my life I have gone searching for a book to help me with something.  It could be about how to solve a relationship problem, health issue, or even how to learn to do something.  I’m often in love with cookbooks which often help me solve the age old question about what is for dinner.  But I really have loved it when books have just found their way to me.  Sometimes it is a book that answers one of those same questions I’ve been wondering about.  But sometimes it is more like it fits a mood.  Sometimes I just need an excuse for a good cry.  Sometimes I need to laugh or giggle.  Maybe I’ve just needed an escape from reality for a little while.  Lots of books are fun.  Maybe my new book, “Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas” will turn up for someone at the right time.  Maybe it will make a great Christmas present.  Maybe it will get a child talking or laughing when they’ve been struggling.  I know I’ve received numerous emails about my first book, “We’re Having A Tuesday” turning up for folks at the most interesting times…….often helping reach kids when nothing else would.  I just love books.  I love how they can really entertain us when we need it.  I love how they can help us with answers when we need that.  Books are fun.  Do you have a favorite book that turned up at just the right time?  What was it?  Why was it the perfect time?  I would love your feedback in the comments section!