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Announcing the new paperback version!!

We have been anxiously awaiting the paperback version and it is finally here!  Now you can get one for everyone! Get it on Amazon now! Go to 


Something to be Happy About! Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book!

Download Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book November 24-26, 2016

Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book November 24-26, 2016

Something to be Happy About! Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book.  Yes. Well it seems that interesting times are upon us.  No doubt we are living in a time where it seems we look at what is wrong in the world instead of what is right. Yet there are lots of things that indeed still go right. Every day we still move forward and find more things that will bring us that smile. We get to spend the holidays with people we love.

All things considered, this may be the year where we need to get back to basics and focus on the little things that make us happy. I hope we find ourselves back in the kitchen creating amazing foods to nourish us and to tantalize our taste buds. It is such a wonderful way to connect to each other. And I hope we find time to snuggle up with someone in our life that makes us happy. And maybe we take a little extra time to stop and read out loud to a child, or even a grown up, in our life. We hope that this might be a little something to be happy about.

So……….if you need a little something colorful in your life, maybe something that will make you giggle inside.  Perhaps you need something that will for sure bring a smile to a child or even a room full of grownups. If so, then check out Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas. It will be the delight of your holiday white elephant gift exchange, or Christmas Eve party, or any day along the way between now and then. And if you just aren’t sure, we are doing a FREE Kindle book give away over Thanksgiving, November 24-26, 2016. You will be able to download if for free before you splurge on the hard copy. (We think you will!) Find out just what the Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book is all about. Happy Holidays to you.

Other Ideas:

Check out our past posts on ideas on how to spend your holiday season.  We have great ideas for a December bucket list., and ways to use the book in the classroom. We also have fun ideas of how to make cookies that go along with the book for some extra dose of HAPPY!  Again, check out the FREE Kindle book or just take the splurge and enjoy!


Got Purple Santa? FREE Kindle version Today and Tomorrow! Preview for your holiday shopping list.

Got Purple Santa? It’s FREE on Kindle now. It is that time of year again.  And we are celebrating the kickoff of holiday shopping by offering a chance for you to preview Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas for free on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow.  So you can get it and see it and then decide how many  you need hardback versions to add to your shopping list and personal book collection. Got Purple Santa? Free on Kindle We have lots of ideas for the classroom or even at home.  Like who wouldn’t want to bake purple cookies this Christmas?? It makes a great White Elephant gift for those parties you have to attend as well. So check it out now. And right now it is selling for less here than on Amazon and includes FREE shipping.  Happy Shopping.  Happy Reading. And Happy Holidays!

Move over Ramona- Clementine will share your heart!

I just finished reading Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. I loved this book. This book came along after my own kids were past this stage of reading unfortunately, as I’m sure they would have loved it. I do like how thoughtful this strong little character is. She is delightful! If you loved Beverly Cleary and Ramona the pest, then you will very likely love Clementine. I do miss Ramona and her wonderful strong personality. Clementine is a nice updated refreshment of her. I may have to investigate and look for more in the series. Great job to Ms. Pennypacker! I think it would make a great read aloud in a classroom, or a chapter at a time at night in bed. And I love read alouds! So get it, and read it out loud to some kids today!

100 Purple Santas need a home! Giveaways for Santa and We’re Having A Tuesday

100 Purple Santas need a home in 100 hours!100 Purple Santas need a home this holiday season! We are in the home stretch of the holiday season.  Many of us are in the hustle and bustle of it all.  So we have lots of last minute goodies to share to help you finish up your holiday shopping. And we have at least 100 purple Santas that need a home!

First– We are issuing a challenge. We would like to find 100 purple Santas a home this holiday season. We have set a goal to sell 100 Santa books in 100 hours directly from our website here. We are still including FREE priority shipping, and books are just $16.95 each.  The first 100 people in this 100 hours will get their Santa book, AND in addition a free copy of DK Simoneau’s first book, We’re Having A Tuesday.  Countdown starts NOW!  (Expires at 9 p.m. MST, December 14, 2014) 100 purple Santas need a home!  Books must be ordered from this site to qualify for free bonus book! Order towards the bottom of the page HERE.

Holidays pink divorce free kindle

Second– The holiday season can be a tough time for divorced families, a subject many of us can relate to.  So in honor of that, and bringing “We’re Having A Tuesday” up to date with its own Kindle version, it will be available for FREE December 11-15 through Amazon Kindle.  Get it for your own Kindle HERE.Purple Santa? Great kids book app online or through ITunes- Santa's Zany Wacky Night Before Christmas


Third-Limited Opportunity: Post a new review of either the hardback or Kindle version of Santa’s Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) on Amazon or Goodreads, send the link to us at, and we will gift you a copy of the interactive Santa’s Night Before Christmas app through Interactive Touch Books for free.

Photo Contest Christmas 2014- Santa’s Zany, Wacky!

Photo Contest Christmas 2014.

Less than a week old. Youngest Fan!




Photo Contest Christmas 2014

Boasting our purple Santa hats!

Enter our photo contest Christmas 2014 for Santa’s Zany Wacky ideas. So just how zany and wacky can you get this Christmas?? We want to see your photos! Do you decorate your house in some unusual way? Dress up?  Dress up your pets? Do you have a purple Christmas tree? Do you do something unusual while preparing for Christmas? Do you read holiday stories in an unusual way or place? Do you wear ugly Christmas sweaters? Purple santa hats? Elf outfits? Reindeer antlers on your car? Send us your pics, with our book someplace in it, and you will be entered. Not that wacky? Then take just a picture of you or your kid(s) reading a copy of “Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas, in a normal, cool, or unusual place or way. Whatever it is, we want to see it! Start getting wacky! Or not……..and just show us you love the book. 🙂

Photo Contest Christmas 2014 Rules:

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter (photos of people must be of yourself, or you may send photo of someone younger, but please include your relationship to anyone under 18)

Photo must include a copy of the book Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas somewhere in photograph

Send copy of photo via email to

Include your Name, email address so we may contact you for further information should you win.

Photos may be posted on this website, Facebook, or Pinterest, and by submitting photo you acknowledge that we may use that photo on those sites. (Click to see where photos may be posted on sites: Facebook-or- Pinterest)

Limit of 2 photo entries per email address.

Prizes- (Prizes will only be awarded if there are 25 entries or more)

Judged photo Winner $50.00 cash

Random drawing winner – Autographed copy of the book for your collection.

Contest closes December 15, 2014




Gold Medal Winner of 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas was selected as the Gold Medal winner in the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Holiday Category.  We are very proud and excited!  For more information on all of the winners:

“The cause of promoting childhood literacy knows no boundaries, and the award winners illustrate that point well, coming not only from long-established publishers and university presses, but from small presses, foundations, museums, and self-published entrepreneurs.”


It’s Official! Today is release day!

Pass it on!   Today is book launch day.


Got Purple Santa? Get “THE” Christmas gift book of the year before they are gone! Great gift for kids, adults, or white elephant parties. Today is official publication date. Get yours while they last. Available at $15.15 free shipping, or on Amazon.

Calling all authors, teachers, librarians! And other people who want to get kids reading!

If you are a children’s book author, teacher, librarian or someone who has tips, tricks, products, and books to recommend to help get kids to read, please request to be a member of my Pinterest group board: For Reading Out Loud- Children’s Book Authors Speak Up! You must follow the board and then list in the comments below that you are interested and I can send you an invite to contribute.  It is sure to be a great resource for this blog and in the future!

Christmas isn’t a season……

So I am not sure I’ve ever been so excited about Christmas coming.  I’m sure I have.  And in all reality I’m mostly excited about October 1st coming.  I’m counting down.  Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is coming.  It is available for pre-order now.  And it’s on the Kindle already.  But I think what I’ve been thinking about is really about the feeling of Christmas.

Christmas just seems to be magical.  People seem to put differences aside.  They do extra nice things for each other.  They shovel the walks for the neighbor.  They make the extra effort to go to a party even if they aren’t that social.  They get out china to eat on! They use table cloths and decorate.  And they do all of those things because it feels good.  And that good feeling is why so many of us anxiously await Christmas all year long.

So I’m left reading this quote and saying to myself, it isn’t about the season of Christmas it is about the feeling of Christmas.  And if it is about the feeling of Christmas, why can’t we create that feeling all year long?  Why don’t we do those extra nice things? Or get out the china? Why don’t we have a party say September 16th? Or get dressed up and do something special?

I’m going to challenge myself to do something special this week,   something that provokes the feeling of Christmas even though we have plenty of time for that. I hope maybe you will too.  And if you do, leave a note and let us know what you did!