Christmas isn’t a season……

So I am not sure I’ve ever been so excited about Christmas coming.  I’m sure I have.  And in all reality I’m mostly excited about October 1st coming.  I’m counting down.  Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is coming.  It is available for pre-order now.  And it’s on the Kindle already.  But I think what I’ve been thinking about is really about the feeling of Christmas.

Christmas just seems to be magical.  People seem to put differences aside.  They do extra nice things for each other.  They shovel the walks for the neighbor.  They make the extra effort to go to a party even if they aren’t that social.  They get out china to eat on! They use table cloths and decorate.  And they do all of those things because it feels good.  And that good feeling is why so many of us anxiously await Christmas all year long.

So I’m left reading this quote and saying to myself, it isn’t about the season of Christmas it is about the feeling of Christmas.  And if it is about the feeling of Christmas, why can’t we create that feeling all year long?  Why don’t we do those extra nice things? Or get out the china? Why don’t we have a party say September 16th? Or get dressed up and do something special?

I’m going to challenge myself to do something special this week,   something that provokes the feeling of Christmas even though we have plenty of time for that. I hope maybe you will too.  And if you do, leave a note and let us know what you did!

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