Halloween Box: Scaredy-Cat, Splat!

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As a children’s book writer, I love finding a good kids book.  I love looking at the colors and ideas and what people find interesting. So finding read alouds for Halloween has been a little “trickier” than I had imagined. I really wanted to find something new and interesting that would knock my socks off. (Much like I hope my new Christmas book does this Christmas!) A trip to the local bookstore left me disappointed though. I’m sure a great new one will find me, but so far it evades. If you have some good recommendations, let me know! I’m looking!

So instead I go back to another older one. “Scaredy-Cat, Splat!” by Rob Scotton.  Not too old, and a fun story about a cat who is afraid of a spider. I really love the illustrations. They are fun and colorful. And I love that this could spark several interesting conversations, like about what kids want to dress up as, what they are afraid of, telling ghost stories, how to carve their pumpkins and so on. I think it makes a good book to read at bedtime or in a classroom setting. But if you are afraid of spiders…………….you might want to watch out on this one.

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