Move over Ramona- Clementine will share your heart!

I just finished reading Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. I loved this book. This book came along after my own kids were past this stage of reading unfortunately, as I’m sure they would have loved it. I do like how thoughtful this strong little character is. She is delightful! If you loved Beverly Cleary and Ramona the pest, then you will very likely love Clementine. I do miss Ramona and her wonderful strong personality. Clementine is a nice updated refreshment of her. I may have to investigate and look for more in the series. Great job to Ms. Pennypacker! I think it would make a great read aloud in a classroom, or a chapter at a time at night in bed. And I love read alouds! So get it, and read it out loud to some kids today!

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