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Something to be Happy About! Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book!

Download Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book November 24-26, 2016

Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book November 24-26, 2016

Something to be Happy About! Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book.  Yes. Well it seems that interesting times are upon us.  No doubt we are living in a time where it seems we look at what is wrong in the world instead of what is right. Yet there are lots of things that indeed still go right. Every day we still move forward and find more things that will bring us that smile. We get to spend the holidays with people we love.

All things considered, this may be the year where we need to get back to basics and focus on the little things that make us happy. I hope we find ourselves back in the kitchen creating amazing foods to nourish us and to tantalize our taste buds. It is such a wonderful way to connect to each other. And I hope we find time to snuggle up with someone in our life that makes us happy. And maybe we take a little extra time to stop and read out loud to a child, or even a grown up, in our life. We hope that this might be a little something to be happy about.

So……….if you need a little something colorful in your life, maybe something that will make you giggle inside.  Perhaps you need something that will for sure bring a smile to a child or even a room full of grownups. If so, then check out Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas. It will be the delight of your holiday white elephant gift exchange, or Christmas Eve party, or any day along the way between now and then. And if you just aren’t sure, we are doing a FREE Kindle book give away over Thanksgiving, November 24-26, 2016. You will be able to download if for free before you splurge on the hard copy. (We think you will!) Find out just what the Purple Santa Suit Free Kindle Book is all about. Happy Holidays to you.

Other Ideas:

Check out our past posts on ideas on how to spend your holiday season.  We have great ideas for a December bucket list., and ways to use the book in the classroom. We also have fun ideas of how to make cookies that go along with the book for some extra dose of HAPPY!  Again, check out the FREE Kindle book or just take the splurge and enjoy!


December Bucket List: Got Purple Santa?

December Bucket List IdeasHmmm. December bucket list? Got Purple Santa? Just a reminder that this weekend it is FREE to download on Kindle. Or if you want to skip that and order, we like that too. 😉 You can do that here. So check it out and see if you want to add some of our activities to your December Bucket List once you get the hard copy version. Meanwhile I decided to get busy with my own December Bucket List! Should I really do it this time? Make a purple tree?December Bucket List purple-tree

I decided this year to get a head start on my December Bucket List.  I was kind of late last year not thinking about it until December was half way over.  But this year I am sitting in a warmer than what I find appropriate climate for November and I am dreaming of December activities.  Before I get too far- Let me say that number one on my list is of course to read A December Bucket List. I suppose that goes without saying. So I’m ready to get to it.  Some are repeats. Some are new hopeful ideas. I hope you enjoy!

1)Find a great new holiday read aloud. I know Mariah Carey has one. And there is a new Eloise one. I’m sure there is something waiting for me to find it, but I’m determined to find it.  For me Santa’s Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) was new last year, but if it is new to you it is free this weekend on Kindle I still love the original Night Before Christmas and Snowmen at Night! I can’t wait to find a new one!
2)Make Christmas Pajama pants for everyone to have on Christmas Eve. I don’t know if I will get there but I found a great post that might lead to a short cut! Check it out!December bucket list: Making pajama pants


3)String cranberries and popcorn for the tree.  This always puts such magic on our tree. And the chatter as we do it is so much fun!  It’s like baking cookies but without feeling guilty for eating all the dough! Just buy fresh cranberries, pop the popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove, get needle and thread and away you go.

4)Make a silly family Christmas card. December Bucket List: This year I'm making a fun family Christmas Card. Sending Christmas cards is such a hassle. But I really want to work on sending one out and making it fun! I wonder if I can get as creative as these folks?

5)Have a cookie exchange! December Bucket List: Host a cookie exchangeI’m getting started early and I’ve done it before.  Wouldn’t it be fun to bring SANTA’S JUST NOT RIGHT CHRISTMAS COOKIES.  Need I say more?  Baking is on most everyone’s December Bucket list! And having a cookie exchange is such an easy short cut. Yum and fun!  Every year we love to bake cookies, but of course I will have to bake the special ones that were created just for us. Recipe here! And won’t it be fun to serve grown up milk?December Bucket List: Santa's Just Not Right Christmas Cookies

6)Go sledding.  December Bucket List: Go SleddingOr on a sleigh or hay ride. Or horse and carriage ride.  Whatever the vehicle, it is always a special night out! What December Bucket list treat!

7)Have a Santa party.  We used to do this when the kids were little.  We had a very special Santa who would stop by.  Every parent would secretly leave a wrapped gift with their child’s name on it on our front porch.  Then a little bit into the evening Santa would arrive, gather the presents, put them in his bag, and then come inside and deliver them.  It was such delight to see the kids light up when Santa came with something they wanted and delivered it in person.  I need to do this again soon!

8)Make a Gingerbread house.  Darn it.  I’ve not done this one STILL.  Oh how I want to try!

9) Have a popcorn party and serve hot cocoa from scratch for either a Christmas book reading night, or movie night. (check out December Bucket List: Make pink popcorn to go along with all the other zany ideas in our book Santa's Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!)this yummy pink popcorn which will go perfectly with the zany upside down antics of Santa’s Night Before Christmas….) Pink Popcorn December Bucket List: Have a popcorn partyOf course there isn’t much better than fresh regular popcorn popped in oil drizzled in fresh butter and salt right on the stove either.  And I’ve been making popcorn cakes for years, but I may have to all of try these on for size this year. December Bucket List: Have a popcorn partyIn my opinion Emeril’s popcorn cake is the best. This is the one I like to make.

December Bucket List: Have a bring your toppings pizza party10)Have a bring your own toppings pizza party.  I want to have a pizza party and serve cool holiday pizzas! I’ve seen snowmen and trees. Maybe we can watch the “old” Peanuts specials! I could invite folks and I can provide the crust and they can bring the toppings! How hard can it be?

11)Build a snowman.  I saw one already this year and I was jealous! Maybe I can finally build an upside down one, like in the book. Santa’s Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) December Bucket List: Build a snowman

12)Drive around and look at Christmas Lights! This goes on every year! With the internet and  mapping so easy at our fingertips, we can look them up and really go find the great ones!  Maybe there is an app for that!?!? I’m thinking of making it into a game.  Maybe tied in with the scavenger hunt idea below.

13)Christmas Scavenger Hunt– I have been determined to do this for years.  It’s something we used to do often as kids. December Bucket List: Go on a scavenger huntThere are lots of places to find lists and riddles on the internet.  So many ways to do it, easy or really complicated. Can’t wait to try this one out!  Here is an easy one I liked. There are ones you can incorporate with the light watching and more and more. Sounds so much fun!

14)Hang Mistletoe– I’ve never done it.  But I really want to this year.December Bucket List: Hang Mistletoe

15) Set an amazing Christmas table. I am no Martha Stewart. And it may use paper plates. But just once I’d like to do something a little over the top. I love this idea I found of folding the napkins into trees. Festive! I found it here.December Bucket List: Set an amazing Christmas Table

17) Make ornaments and decorate a tree– and enjoy it!  Do I really need to put it on the December Bucket list? No, but somehow over the years this has turned into a chore instead of something to be enjoyed.  I said this one last year, but I think it might need to be said again. I want to get back to making it a festive afternoon or evening. Maybe starting with going to pick out the tree together as a family!

18)Take a special family photo– This is different than the card. This is for our own documentation. Christmas is a great time to document the years as they go by.  Maybe do something extra special each year, or maybe record it the same.  Just make sure you do it!

19)Start a new holiday tradition. Years ago we started making cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve so they would be ready on Christmas morning. December Bucket List: Start a new tradition like making homemade cinnamon rollsFor other ideas see my blog post on that. But I assure you your family will remember. So I’m looking for a new one, but if you want to try the cinnamon rolls this looks promising. It’s a knock off of Cinnabon, and who doesn’t like those?

20)Make homemade simmering potpourri- December Bucket List: Make Simmering PotpourriI love candles, but since I’m starting earlier this year wouldn’t it be nice to try something fresh and not artificial?  Google and I are going to have a date.

Whew! That’s a lot to tackle.  I’m glad I got started earlier this year! What are you going to do?

I reserve the right to expand this December Bucket List……….and it may take me some years to get to them all, but I am so excited to start trying, AGAIN!

Don’t forget if you want to discover our purple Santa, this weekend is FREE on Kindle.


Got Purple Santa? #BlackFridayin3Words

Got Purple Santa? Free on Kindle. Wow! I can hardly believe it is already the holiday season again. But maybe I can since they have been promoting Black Friday for the entire month of November.Fun holiday book! Got Purple Santa?

In any case this weekend, we have a very special promotion for our purple Santa lovers, or wanna be purple Santa lovers.  So mark your calendars. This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is available for FREE on the Amazon Kindle.

Preview free on Kindle before buying the hardback version. November 27-29, 2015

Preview free on Kindle before buying the hardback version. November 27-29, 2015

So if you’ve been curious now is your chance to try before you buy. You get to keep the kindle version. But then if you love it you can order the hard copy to add to your Christmas book collection, or give it to special kids (big and little) in your life, or even stash away as a white elephant gift. So enjoy, and pass the word! We want to see how many people “Got Purple Santa?” this year during the #BlackFridayin3words. #GotPurpleSanta?  Get yours now!

Santa’s Night Before Christmas and his purple santa suit bring Christmas feelings

Christmas is a feelingSanta’s Night Before Christmas and his purple santa suit bring Christmas feelings we can remember all year.  I started back in September anticipating the release of this book, and reminding everyone that Christmas isn’t a season or a day, it is a feeling. (Post from September)  It has definitely been a fun season.  It has been fun sharing our book with everyone.  I’ve been privileged to see a child read the book out loud for the very first time (I’ve read it so many times to so many people that this was especially fun for me!). I listened to him read it just as I had imagined the cadence to be.  I watched him stop and point out the illustrations and ask questions and giggle along the way.  I’ve had the joy of seeing a little girl wake up the next morning after hearing the story for the first time and be so inspired from the beautiful artwork that she was drawing her own creations trying to match the pages.   I’ve finally had the wonderful privilege of meeting the illustrator in person whom I’ve been working with for years.  Brad Cornelius is a delightful being.  Pardon the pun, but it was like watching a Christmas tree light up as we talked about what other adventures Santa might need to take in the future.  What a pleasure.  We’ve received awards and wonderful reviews.  We’ve had people who were inspired to create wonderful videos (see reference) because they loved the book so much.  We even had a wonderful lady super inspired to create her very own Santa’s Just Not Right cookie recipe. (see reference).  We’ve had dozens and dozens of beautiful reviews all in appreciation of all of the work that went into creating this great work.  Teachers have been inspired to have tea and honey parties make purple santas and use the book in the classroom. (see reference) . It is a book that sparks the happiness in people.  It sparks imagination and thinking. (see reference) Santa’s Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) has been a fun, joyful, zany, wacky ride. It has caused me to personally stop and appreciate how the work of a few individuals can really touch others.  And that work can be from something like a fun story like ours, a plate of cookies, or even just a simple hello to a stranger in the street.  It is a great joy to connect with others in whatever way we can. I hope that after this holiday season we all can try to reflect back at all of the things we try to make so special during the season, capture that feeling, and live it all year long. Thanks to all who have participated in creating and enjoying our book.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that your Christmas isn’t just a season, but a feeling that will last you all year long.

100 Purple Santas need a home! Giveaways for Santa and We’re Having A Tuesday

100 Purple Santas need a home in 100 hours!100 Purple Santas need a home this holiday season! We are in the home stretch of the holiday season.  Many of us are in the hustle and bustle of it all.  So we have lots of last minute goodies to share to help you finish up your holiday shopping. And we have at least 100 purple Santas that need a home!

First– We are issuing a challenge. We would like to find 100 purple Santas a home this holiday season. We have set a goal to sell 100 Santa books in 100 hours directly from our website here. We are still including FREE priority shipping, and books are just $16.95 each.  The first 100 people in this 100 hours will get their Santa book, AND in addition a free copy of DK Simoneau’s first book, We’re Having A Tuesday.  Countdown starts NOW!  (Expires at 9 p.m. MST, December 14, 2014) 100 purple Santas need a home!  Books must be ordered from this site to qualify for free bonus book! Order towards the bottom of the page HERE.

Holidays pink divorce free kindle

Second– The holiday season can be a tough time for divorced families, a subject many of us can relate to.  So in honor of that, and bringing “We’re Having A Tuesday” up to date with its own Kindle version, it will be available for FREE December 11-15 through Amazon Kindle.  Get it for your own Kindle HERE.Purple Santa? Great kids book app online or through ITunes- Santa's Zany Wacky Night Before Christmas


Third-Limited Opportunity: Post a new review of either the hardback or Kindle version of Santa’s Night Before Christmas (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) on Amazon or Goodreads, send the link to us at, and we will gift you a copy of the interactive Santa’s Night Before Christmas app through Interactive Touch Books for free.

Parade Magazine and Velvet Giggles feature Santa’s Zany Wacky in Holiday Gift Guides 2014

Original Article on Books for Kids from Parade: Read Now

Video Review on Christmas Gift Ideas: Watch Now

We are very proud to be listed in Parade Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide -Books for Kids this year.  There are always so many wonderful titles to look over.  It is such a passion of mine that we keep reading out loud to kids, so to be included in an article in which the author is looking forward to reading our book snuggled up with her niece this holiday season makes me proud!  I certainly think that Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is a book worthy of an annual holiday tradition.

And the video gift guide by Velvet Giggles is a delight.  Again, we are very proud to be included.  If you’ve never seen a review by Renae, you are in for a treat.  She has some great ideas and has a way of making me want all of them!  Enjoy!

Oh- and in case you missed it, we are now available in Kindle format as well as a great interactive app.  For more on the interactive version go to Interactive Touch Books.  You can click on Santa turn his suit from purple to red, hear jets roar, sleighbells ring, snowmen turn upside down and so much more!

Parade Magazine and Velvet Giggles holiday reviews


10 New Holiday Traditions to start with your kids this year!

Holiday traditions are important. Read our ideas of good ones to start this year at purplesantasuit.com10 New Holiday Traditions to start with your kids this year! I’ve always been one to enjoy holiday traditions.  I guess that to me, it is the traditions that weave our lives together year after year.  After all isn’t that the time we tend to make the effort to see old friends and gather with our families. They are what we look forward to.  Traditions, rather it be the particular way our family makes Macaroni salad or that we always have a ham dinner for Christmas, how we open up our presents, or even when we get together, those traditions are what we remember and look forward to.  I often recall fondly certain food things, but there are many other things that my family has woven through our holidays year after year.  I will share some great ideas that I think will make your holidays memorable through the coming years.  Some we have done, some I have only wished I would have started so they would already be a part of our traditions. And one is brand new even to me, but I like it!  It is never too early to start with your kids.  Let them help, let them be a part of it and pretty soon they will look forward to the things they remember from their holidays growing up.  Here are some ideas to consider starting as a new holiday tradition with your kids this year.

  1. Christmas Eve Box – Growing up I was always allowed to open just one present on Christmas Eve. I suppose it was a way to hold me over.  It never seemed to work well.  I still woke my parents up at about 3 a.m. telling them that Santa had been and it was time to get started!  A Christmas Eve Box expands on that idea.  It is a gift box designed to be opened on Christmas morning.  It includes a pair of Christmas PJ’s (who doesn’t love a new pair of fun PJ’s?!), a new Christmas book to read out loud like Santa’s (Zany Wacky Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas, if you don’t have it, maybe a candy cane and some hot cocoa mix, or a new DVD Christmas movie and a bag of microwave popcorn.  Whatever goes in the box ideally would be something that your little one (or big kids like this too!) will enjoy savoring for that last night while they wait for Santa!
  2. Christmas Book Box- Speaking of books, another idea is to have a Christmas Book Box. It would be a box that you maybe add to each year.  Customarily those would be great read aloud picture books, but if your family likes other books to read aloud, other chapter novel Christmas books would be great additions too.  Then each year you will get out the box and read these books again and again.  It might be you read one each night during the season.  Maybe you have a night, like tree decorating night, that you sit down and read several.  Maybe on Christmas Eve, you read them all in one sitting.  Just make sure you enjoy the old books as you keep adding new ones each year.  And since you probably don’t have it, I have to plug that Santa’s Zany Wacky….makes a good one, and for more on other Santa books that make nice traditions see my previous post. Santa Books
  3. Ornaments – In my family I started collecting the Hallmark series ornaments. Every member in our family has a series that we add on to each year.  We open them on Christmas Eve night, and hang the new one on the tree.  My daughter who is about ready to move off on her own will have the most lovely set of ornaments to begin decorating her own tree with.  But there are other things you can do to make ornaments part of a tradition.  Some families make a special  personalized ornament with each member that comes into the family.  It could be a simple ball ornament with their name, or it could be an ornament that somehow represents them.  Another nice thing you can do with ornaments is to find a special ornament for each child that represents something special about their past year.  For example if she started ballet lessons it could be an ornament relating to ballet.  Or if he went to cooking school maybe it would be an ornament with a rolling pin.  There are so many ways to make annual ornaments part of the holiday traditions.
  4. Christmas movie or specials like Charlie Brown –My kids get a big laugh out of the idea that we all had to check the listings for the Christmas specials to come on. But we did.  And we looked forward to certain ones year after year.  It would be easy to find an old Christmas film that you liked growing up and share it with your kids.  You could pick the same one year after year, or you could introduce them to new ones every year.  It is a fun way to connect with your kids about what you did growing up. Two of my favorite movies are Santa Claus and The Grinch, but here are a couple list to help you remember. Specials  or Movies
  5. Baking Cookies – There are so many ways that baking cookies can become part of your tradition. It can be as simple as just baking them one day each season with your kids.  Even when they are very little they love to dump things into the bowl or sprinkle on some sugar.  Or you could host cookie decorating get together with all of the kids in the extended family.  Of course teaching your kids how to make a family heirloom recipe is a wonderful way to start a tradition.  Some families don’t do this and then when Grandma passes on, so do the cookies.  It is never too early to start teaching how to make those special treats.  It could be that the tradition is that you look through magazines, cookbooks, or the internet looking each year to discover some new holiday treats.
  6. Mapping out Christmas Lights to drive around– For as long as I can remember my kids and I have looked forward to going out one night, usually Christmas Eve for us, and looking at all the Christmas lights on houses. It is fun to go our favorites, and see them again and again.  Some years we find new ones.  Some years our favorites are no longer there for whatever reason.  But each year we go, chatting and signing along the way.
  7. Christmas cards– Having your kids participate in sending out Christmas cards is a fun way to teach them about what is quickly becoming a lost art. You can make cards together. That can mean cutting things out, drawing, painting, putting hand prints or the like. Or it could be as simple as letting them seal the envelopes.  Maybe they can help write a Christmas letter and help choose the stories and pictures included.  The important thing is, if they sit down with you every year to participate in preparing Christmas cards to send out, in whatever capacity, then it is likely that they will carry on that tradition when they decide how to celebrate their own holidays.
  8. Scavenger Hunt or Christmas Caroling – Christmas caroling is almost a lost art. But it is delightful to open the door and find people singing delightful songs.  Gather some family or friends, and go out.  It really is fun and rewarding.  Or………if singing just really isn’t your cup of tea, then try designing a scavenger hunt.  There are all kinds of fun ways to do it.  You can divide up the family, create a list, set a timer, and off you go.  I promise there will be stories to share upon your return of how someone got that last unlikely item, or the tales of what the neighbors said and did.
  9. Family Photo – including  your pets under the tree! It is something you will want to look back on year after year.  And if you take the time to do it you will have a nice documentation of how much your kids have grown, how your home and trees have changed, and even a good record of the pets in your life.  After all they are part of our families too. It seems like it is so obvious to do this, but it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of getting ready.  So make a point!  Find a time…….like the night you put it up, or Christmas Eve, or the night you watch Charlie Brown.  Just start and commit!
  10. Pickle- I lost a dear friend this year who had lots of German traditions because his wife was from Germany. I always loved hearing about them. And though he never told me about this one, I couldn’t help but include it when I read about it.  What a fun game!  I always thought being in a pickle was a negative thing.  But with this tradition, it sounds like a good way to start off the year.  And……… is only one night of hiding something for those who dread that other little “hiding” game.





the last decoration

placed on the Christmas tree

was always a pickle… carefully

hidden deep in the boughs. Legend

has it that the observant child who found

it on Christmas Day was blessed with a year

of good fortune…

and a special gift!